Friday, 3 January 2014

Stes de Necker International Diplomatic Ambassador NCPC

Stes de Necker   Fellow New Westminster College - Diplomatic  Ambasador for Africa

The International Diplomatic Ambassadors are appointed by the Leader and Prime Minister of Canada for 2020 as global influential volunteers. The main functions of the Diplomatic Ambassadors revolve around the representation and promotion of the interests of our political mission through friendly relations with their country of citizenship and residence. The International Diplomatic Ambassadors also collect and report information that could affect national and international interests, often with advice about how the home country government should respond. Then, once any policy response has been decided in the home country's capital, posts bear major responsibility for implementing it. Thus advancing Canada’s diplomatic relations worldwide.

H.E. Sir, Dr. Raphael Louis
Chairman, Team Leader and Moderator
Princess Sara Keizer Royal and Nobility Diplomatic Campaign Ambassador And Adviser for Europe

Stes de Necker   Fellow New Westminster College Diplomatic  Campaign Ambasador for Africa 

Robley George - Director  Center for the Study of Democratic Societies Politico-Socio-Economic Adviser

Reda Bajoudi - Arab Spring Political Analyst International Diplomatic Ambassador for the Middle East

Ambassador H.Russell Taub
Tourism Minister Candidate for 2020
IHRC Commission , CEO/President Taub & Associates  Political Consulting Firm  Diplomatic Campaign Ambassador for U.S.A

Slavica Anic- Serbian Railways JSCInternational Diplomatic Campaign Ambassador

Lionel Biabatantou 
Directeur Général Agence EuroFrance 
Diplomatic Campaign Ambassador for  Europe

L'Ouenasse ZAIDI International Trading Consultant (I.T.C) Diplomatic Campaign Ambassador

Terrance H. Booth, Sr. Alaska Native Company
Founder/Owner Adviser for First Nations Affairs  International Diplomatic Campaign Ambassador

The International Diplomatic Campaign Ambassadors have the job of conveying, in the most persuasive way possible, the views of the home government to the governments to which they are accredited and, in doing so, to try to convince those governments to act in ways that suit home country interests. In this way, the International Diplomatic Campaign Ambassadors are part of the beginning and the end of each loop in the continuous process through which foreign policy and diplomacy is made.